Product Dimension mm 730 x 410 x 155
Inner Dimension Real mm 795 x 460 x 212
Outer Dimension Real mm
Net Weight g 10000
Gross Weight g 11450
Quantity / Carton Pcs 1
Carton Weight g
Power W
Voltage AC VAC
Frequency PLN Hz
Response Hz
Battery V/mAH
Heat Intake Right  


Center 1,5
Left 3,2
Features & Accessories Placement: On Top or Built In
Burner: 2 Big + 1 Small Candles
Top: Tempered Glass 8 mm
Body: Teflon 0.5 mm
Big Burner Ring: Brass Diameter 125 mm
Small Burner Ring: Aluminium Diameter 75 mm
Big Burner : Besi 42.6 mm
Frame: Full Cover Stainless Steel
Nozzle: 0.6 mm
Pan Support: Dove Coated Iron
Lighter : Electric A1 Battery, Knob Atas
Glass Strength: up to 100 kg
Pan Support Strength: up to 100 kgOther”:
Air Lever Lock (Pengunci Tuas Udara),
Water &Wind Safety Function (Wind put out: ~20 secs, Water put out: Instant),
Extra pan support)Hole Cut Out: 680*385-R20


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